Neokdun Ecofriendly 100% recycled down

Neokdun Ecofriendly

NEOKDUN® offers top quality performances
using the most sustainable filling material

NEOKDUN® comes from bedding/apparel articles that have reached the end of their product life cycle > starting point of the NVP Traceability Standard

NEOKDUN® lifecycle


What is NEOKDUN® ?

NEOKDUN® Ecofriendly 100% recycled down is the most sustainable filling material.

Natural and biodegradable, NEOKDUN® is originating from the recycling of bedding/apparel finished products that have reached the end of their product life cycle. The down filling has a longer life cycle than a finished product and can therefore have a second life when properly processed.

Manually extracted from finished products, the recycled down is collected in Europe and regenerated through an innovative technical process avoiding use of environmentally harmful products.

The European origin of NEOKDUN® is controlled by a Traceability Standard (NVP Traceability Standard) audited by a third party which guarantees an ethical sourcing.

NEOKDUN® guarantees Top Performances in term of warmth, breathability, lightness, cleanliness and Fill Power.



Eco Friendly – Innovative technicals process/no use of harmful chemicals

100% Biodegradable – Natural product

EU origin controlled – Traceability audited by a third part (IDFL)

NVP Traceability Standard – Ethical sourcing audited by a third part (IDFL)

Optimized warmth, Breathability, Lightness – Down characteristics

Cleanliness – Most restrictive standard

Fill Power – from 550 to 800 CUI



 NVP Traceability

Trace back the origin of recycled down and feathers branded under NEOKDUN®  trademark. (Version of March, 2014)

Traceability is a necessary prerequisite to obtain information on the gathering of down and feathers. Navarpluma decided to completely separate the recycled from the new material it collects and created NEOKDUN® “Eco-friendly 100% recycled down”.

1. Objective of the NVP Traceability Standard
The NVP Traceability Standard was specifically designed with the aim of drafting a guideline for documentary traceability of recycled down and feathers. It ensures origin and full traceability of fillings branded under NEOKDUN®.

2. Scope
The NVP Traceability Standard is applicable to recycled down and feathers. It establishes the requirements for documenting the traceability of the above-mentioned filling material.

3. Process

  • 3.1 The NVP Traceability Standard applies to :
    · Recycled down and feathers gathered from used finished bedding / apparel articles in end of product life cycle.
    · Recycled down and feathers processed by Navarpluma, S.L. and branded NEOKDUN®.
  • 3.2 A certificate forms the basis for traceability of this merchandise. The certificates provided by the supplier / collector certifying that the down and feathers were gathered from used finished bedding / apparel articles in end of life. The certificate shall contain the signature, full name and address of the supplier / collector for each delivery.

4. Audit
Audits according to Navarpluma Audit Standard must be performed at regular intervals by independent experts or organizations in order to verify documentation as well as internal methodes and procedures. These audits pursue the aim of verifying the completeness of the NVP Traceability Standard.

5. Compliancy
At a defined deadline an existing warehouse is entered in the records as being rules compliant.

6. Commitment
The users of the NVP Traceability Standard commit themselves to provide to independent experts or organizations all records and detailed information which may be required to perform controls and audits.

7. Sourcing traceability
The merchandise originating from the source listed under points 3.1 that fulfils the above-mentioned qualifications is retraceable and is labelled accordingly for the production of finished products (e. g. duvets, pillows, garments, upholstery) or bulk recycled down.

8. Labelling
NEOKDUN® may cover different grades of retraceable recycled down which shall be specified on the commercial documents attached to the bulk products as well as labels / tags / hangtags supplied by Navarpluma which are sewn / hung on finished bedding / apparel articles.

9. No blend allowed

  • 9.1 Navarpluma does not allow the blending of NEOKDUN® recycled down and feathers with any “new” or “recycled” down and feather material.
  • 9.2 Navarpluma does not allow the blending of NEOKDUN® recycled down and feathers with any synthetic or other non-down filling material.


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